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Construction Set Basics Tutorial Work

Bogwater Farm

by dolphin66th

For anyone not familiar with the TESAlliance website you can find the tutorial I'm talking about here.

Disclaimer: This is a mod of the game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion created by Bethesda.  I do not own any of the content in the photos below, the resources used belong to Bethesda or the meshes created by the mod authors.  You will find credit for the resources used in the caption for each image below.

What this is about:  I needed a refresher on the Oblivion Construction Set and so took another look at the TESA CS Basics series of tutorials. I had done the series about a year ago and haven't hardly touched the CS since. It turned out to be a great way to get used to the controls and the differences between CS and the Skyrim Creation Kit. Since I had already posted and received credit for the lesson work I took some liberties regarding the use of modding resources(if you're going to do the tutorial yourself I strongly advise you to use the vanilla resources first when building your house if you're going to post your work for credit on the TESA site.  You can always edit once your series is complete).  Here's the result:

From Lesson 1:
Lesson 1 covered basic controls, creating an interior cell, and placement of basic statics and furniture.  Basically it was a very basic introduction to the workings of  the Construction Set and how to use it.  You will see the placed items throughout the screenshots for Interior below, but as some of the images don't show everything, here's just a couple of shots detailing the location of the required container items in the Homework section.

Lesson 2 was all about cluttering up our tutorial house.  You will see all the added clutter required under homework in the screenshots included below.  Lesson 2 also covered Pathgrids, which tells non-player characters (NPC) where they can stand and walk in the room.  For you Skyrim modders, it's called NavMesh in the CK, but Pathgrids are a much more simplistic form of NavMesh.  Here's a shot of my interior pathgrid for lesson 2.

Lesson 3: The Art of Landscaping.  The first time I did this, folks, I bombed it.  Big time!   What did I do?  I turned on "flatten landscape" in the landscape editor, and obliterated the entire hill.  OOOPS!!!!!!

This is one of the reasons for redoing the series in its entirety.  Practice makes us better modders, right?  You will see the details of my landscape redo in exterior below.  

Lesson 3 covers claiming and renaming an exterior cell, placing statics, as well as touchups like linking doors and map markes.  Here's a screen of the linked door marker from the CS and the placed map marker.  You'll see the rest of lesson 3's requirements in the screenshots below under Exterior.  Lesson 3 also introduced credit challenges, and the in-game screenshots are also below under their own headings.

Lesson 4 was all about finishing up.  First, they covered exterior pathgrids....

And then interior lighting....... (here it is checked with the debugging shader in the CS)

Here's how it looks without the filter:

Lesson 4 Also covered mod cleaning.  Though the Instructions said to use Gecko, as I had already posted the work for this section, I used my preferred app TES4Edit to clean my mod.  I find TES4Edit much more user-friendly and less confusing for those of us who've never cleaned a mod before, but that's just me.  Maybe it's because I became familiar with it because I used TES5Edit to clean mods for Skyrim, and it's essentially the same app for Oblivion.

That takes care of all the technical lesson stuff (yes I know that was rather long-winded and mostly for the benefit of the great folks over at TESA who review this stuff.  So now for the fun part: in-game screenshots.  Kudos to you for sticking with me up to this point.  Sorry for the long-winded, rambly introduction, but I wanted to make sure that I had covered all bases when posting my work for re-doing this series.  I hope you like the results!


Credit to Xia for the chair used here, David Whitefang
 for the cheese plate, Serenia for the tapestry used here.

Bedroom, sofa and coffee table.  Credit to Serenia for the rug and
 tapestry, Xia for the sofa used here.  TESA for the folded blanket, 
Blue's pillows.  AST Paintings.

Senaria for the rug.  AST Paintings.  The bed cover is not
 a part of my mod but is a texture replacer I have installed,
Carah's "Quilts and Wool Blankets."

Dining area and office, painting easel.  AST Paintings,
David Whitefang furnitrue, Stroti's teapot.  Also
Stroti's bread basket on the windowsill partially cut off.

Dining Table.  David Whitefang's static resources for the tableware and furniture,  Tcho's Breakfast Food and Sam Lake's wonderful Coffee Resource used here.  This is a bit embarrassing but I'm not sure which mod the berries on the pancakes came from.  Possibly Stroti's new food, Tcho, New Potions or TESA.  I found the nif loose in my meshes/clutter folder with no indication of which mod it belonged to.  If anyone recognizes it please PM me or comment here so that I may credit the author properly.  Since DarkRider has published the original farmhouse he used for the tutorial, the mod won't be published, which is why I used it anyway, but I'd still like to give the mod author proper credit here.  My apologies for this particularly large oops.

Living area and Bookshelf.  Credit to Xia for the sofa and chair.
Serenia for the tapestry.

Custom Container Required in Extra Credit, Lesson 2.
TESA for the cake and jewelry box, David Whitefang for the champagne glass,
and Kori's Lanterns used here.  Serenia for the tapestry.

Forgot to change the sofa name.  Oops.  TESA for the folded blanket,
Blue's Pillows, Xia for the sofa used in this shot.


Front of the house, bridge, statics, light objects and lamp, 
and part of the stone wall from the homework for Lesson 3.  

Outdoor eatery!  Sam Lake's coffee resource used here. 
Located in the front of the house by the big window.  
Seating and coffee for 2.

Side of the house, facing the house to the player's left.  
Cozy place for a horse (I placed a horse marker but have not tested it). 
Meo's window boxes used here.  Everything else is vanilla :)

Better shot of the stable and water trough.

Closer shot of the front of  the house, fence and barrels 
from homework for lesson 3.

Back of the house facing the horse stall.  Details of the 
fence from extra credit for lesson 3.

Front of the house, statics, stonewall, flora and shrubbery 
from homework and extra credit for lesson 3.

Credit Challenge  #1:

The Basement

I am really quite proud of my basement.  I really feel like this part of the house made the mod come together.  I have ElderScrollsFan001_Rubberman to thank for the Skyrim-esque smithing workshop.  The pictures do not clearly show the tanning rack for one simple reason: the leather texture needs some work in Nifskope I haven't done yet.  At the moment it's a big purple blotch I have blocked out in the pictures on purpose, but be sure the workshop is complete and the tanning rack is present.

Location of chorroltrapdoor02

Workbench and Sharpening Wheel.

Blacksmith forge.  Built in individual parts and
 placed as best I could working from a picture.  It may not be 100% perfect
but it's close enough for me.

Quarters for a potential NPC to live.  The next session in TESA's CS Basics
 is an NPC tutorial series and I may redo these as well.  Again the bed cover comes from Carah's Quilts and Wool Blankets mod I have installed and is not actually part of my mod.

Heavy weapon training dummy and practice mat.

Hay Target and arena punching bag, practice mat.
Plenty of space for combat training.

Meadery keg, which may or may not be moved.  It's a bit hard to
walk around but it adds to the room so I may just leave it where it is.

Full shot of the blacksmith workshop.

Credit Challenge #2

The Aquatic Garden

Not as many pictures, but I'm still very pleased with the effects this adds to the exterior of the farmhouse and I love how it looks all put together.

And a couple in daylight:

tcl is great for taking screenshots of mods ;)  Taken
from the roof to show the location of the garden
and all the parts put together.

Close up of some of the plants.

And there you have it!  Hope you've enjoyed a look at my Bogwater Farm tutorial work.  Kudos to you if you have put up with my ramblings all the way through.  As mentioned, DarkRider has already released this mod so my version remains unpublished.  DR's released version, entitled Bogwater Downs, can be found here.  As I've already said this will be different from the Bogwater farm details listed here - this was just my work redone from DR's tutorial series linked in the introduction above.

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