Friday, April 21, 2017

TESA Final Exam

Final Exam Non-Release Version

So for the finished product, I promise not to talk as much ;) Below you'll find screenshots of the final exam portion of the CS Basics Tutorial Series over at TESA, found here.  Located next to the main tutorial house in cell 36, -25, I chose to set this up as a player home with the option of making it an NPC home later (I would just need to possibly replace some containers).  Here are the screenshots.

Interior Pathgrid, technical stuff out of the way first.

Exterior of the house.  More shots of this below.
Bedroom Area and basement entrance.

Kitchen and Dining Area
Living area and barrels

That's it for the main part of the Interior.  There was an option given for the non-release version of the exam to create a basement for extra credit.  I chose to do the basement.  Details below.

Basement Entrance and linked door details.

As you enter there is a small room, I tried to make the architecture
make the most sense possible given the tools I had to use.
 I made this a seating area.

Stairs down.

Entering the main part of the basement.

Better view of the bar and storage containers.

The other side.  There is a small Lower Class
dining table and meadery keg here.

Dining table close up.

The door pictured here goes into another small room.
This is part office, part bedroom.

the bedroom half.
the office half.

And that's it for the interior!  Now for the exterior part.


door link details

Stonewall extended and landscaping details.  No grass.

House Exterior.  No grass.

Landscaping and lighting added to the path.

Side of the house, garden, bench

Garden close up

Rear of the house.

Though not required I added a rowboat and small dock 
(used Bravil Stairs lowered into the ground).

Well at the side of the house and flowers in front

Lastly, more technical stuff.  Adjusted exterior Pathgrid.

Cleaned with TES4Edit.

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